Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Weight loss can be a very difficult process. But the professionals at Russo Aesthetics and Wellness can help. We provide medically-supervised weight-loss programs. Each of our patients receives a custom weight-loss plan, built specifically for them. The custom process and coaching of a medical professional often makes medically-supervised weight loss one of the most effective, and safest ways to lose weight.*

With the right nutrition, exercise and guidance of a trained physician, you can look and feel your best. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your weight and wellness goals. We look forward to hearing from you.

Weight Loss Results

A past patient who achieved a high-fitness level.*

Developing A Weight Loss Program

One of the reasons people so often try and fail with weight loss, is because they do not have a proper understanding of nutrition and weight loss. They quickly adopt and then abandon fad diets and supplements. Medically-supervised weight loss is a much better solution.*

Our licensed physicians provide a preliminary assessment before you begin a weight loss program. The assessment checks your current health metrics and identifies any potential disorders that may be attributing to your weight struggle. With this base understanding, you are much better armed to tackle weight loss.

After, the Preliminary Assessment Dr. Russo and our nutritional practioner, Meredith M. Russo, LCSW, will develop and administer a supervised weight loss program.

Each program is individually tailored to fit your specific goals and needs. Your program takes into account your medical, nutritional and psychological history. To achieve the most successful outcome, a combination of diet regimens, exercise plans and if needed, medication is used.

We can help patients suffering from a sensitivity or allergy, an addiction or eating disorder, a metabolic or hormonal issue, a psychological barrier of some kind, or a simple desire to lose weight.*

Specific diet plans may involve high protein, low carbohydrate, high fiber and  specific calorie restriction. Exercise recommendations and a schedule will be assigned. The removal of any offending agents (allergens, sensitivities, inflammatory promoting factors,etc.) will also be part of your treatment protocol. It is important to remember that your weight loss goals and overall nutritional excellence will be achieved in cooperation with a Board Certified Physician. Your program will always be safe and effective following an extensive and accurate assessment.*

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Weight Loss of a past patient.*

Quality Care & Welcoming Atmosphere

Dr. Russo has an excellent ability to connect with and relate to each of his patients. Dr. Russo believes empathy and compassion for the individuals he treats is absolutely essential. As Dr. Russo states, “ A strong therapeutic rapport between a doctor and a patient is the cornerstone of treatment.” Dr. Russo is experienced with and enjoys listening to his patients. He also likes to explain an individual’s treatment plan to them and answer any questions he or she may have. Every effort is made to make you feel comfortable, safe, welcome, cared for, listened to, and informed at Russo Aesthetic and Wellness.

Medical Weight Loss Options

There is no such thing as a miracle weight loss pill, and that is not what we provide at Russo Aesthetic and Wellness. But, for certain individuals, use of specialized medication, under the supervision of our physicians, can be a beneficial part of your weight loss program.*

Dr Russo will examine you and your needs, and prescribe the most effective and safest options. The different medical options include medication that helps regulate the metabolism, fight food-cravings and promote weight loss.*

All medication administered is done so with strict supervision of our board-certified physicians. We want you to achieve your weigh loss goals, but only in safe and healthy manner. At Russo Aesthetics and Wellness, our goal is not just weight loss, but your overall wellness.

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Weight Loss Success

A past couple that underwent weight loss treatment together.*

The results of different treatments and programs will vary with each individual patient. Russo Aesthetics & Wellness does not guarantee certain results. Though our services can help with weight loss and reduce the noticeable signs of aging, they do not offer permanent results or prevent aging.